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Gas Free Fun, For $25 Per Hour

Posted in Electric Cars, Newsworthy, Promoted, Tesla by Kurt Ernst | January 25th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

The Tesla Roadster. Image: Thomas Doerfer

How much fun can you have for $25.00 per hour? I suppose that depends on your selectiveness and moral standards, but $25 per hour is about the going price for concert tickets, range fees plus ammo or a halfway decent dinner out (excluding drinks). If new car sharing and rent-as-you need company Getaround has their way, $25 per hour may rent you a Tesla Roadster, but only in the San Francisco market. As Gas 2.0 points out, the list price for a Tesla Roadster is slightly north of $100,000, which puts the cost of a monthly least at nearly $1,700. That’s mortgage payment money, so the best chance that most of us will get to drive the electric sportscar is via a Getaround rental, assuming that they expand the service beyond the San Francisco market.

Tesla’s Roadster is really the first electric car built with sporting intentions. It offers both quick acceleration (0-60 comes up in 3.9 seconds or less) and remarkably good range (244 miles) if not flogged mercilessly or driven flat-out. Since the Tesla Roadster is based on the Lotus Elise platform, handling is as good as it currently gets for electric vehicles, but the car is penalized by a curb weight of over 2,700 pounds. It won’t run with a standard Elise in the corners, but chances are it will leave one for dead on the straights (at least until the 125 mph top speed is reached).

Source: Gas 2.0

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