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Gamers: F1 2010 Is Out In September

Posted in Cool Stuff, Formula 1, General, Racing, Video Games by Kurt Ernst | August 21st, 2010 | 2 Responses |

If you’re like me and can’t wait for the (alleged) November release of Gran Turismo 5, Autoblog has good news for you: Codemasters is releasing F1 2010 in September, and the above gameplay video tells you all you need to know. Scenery is spectacular, and the game will reproduce a variety of different conditions. There’s no way of knowing how good the physics will be until the game is released (unless someone wants to send me a PS3 evaluation copy in advance), but the scenery is pretty damn cool and I’m sure you can mute the annoying team engineer.

I wonder if the software is written to have Schumacher run you into the armco each time you try to pass, or if the default Ferrari team order is always to let Fernando Alonso by if you’re driving Barichello’s car. I also wonder how many points you need to rack up driving as Mark Webber before you earn the “fistfight in the pits with Sebastial Vettel” award. Now THAT would be realistic F1 racing.

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2 Responses

  1. ds440 says:

    Ha! You beat me to it….I was wondering if the chief mechanic comes over the radio to tell you that your teammate “is faster than you….wink, wink…”

  2. Kurt says:

    And when you get to the top level, you get the key to the locker that holds Bernie Eccelstone’s midget tranny porn collection…