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G-Power Builds World’s Fastest Sedan

Posted in BMW, Cars, Fast Cars, General, M Series by Kurt Ernst | August 18th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

G-Power Hurricane RR

So what do you do when your current generation M5 is no longer fast enough to warm your schnitzel? Autoblog tells us to give G-Power a call, and they’d be happy to build you any flavor of M5 you want, up to and including their M5 Hurricane RR, billed as the fastest sedan in the world. Backing up that claim is a measured top speed of 231 miles per hour, made possible by the 800 or so horsepower the Bavarian beast is putting down.

G-Power starts with two new superchargers, strengthens engine internals and re-maps the ECU. Zero to sixty happens in just 4.35 seconds, and the next sixty comes up even quicker at 9.5 seconds to 120 miles per hour. If that doesn’t grill your bratwurst, nothing will.

As you’d expect, nothing based in Germany that adds this much horsepower comes cheap. The Hurricane RR conversion will run you about $72,000 plus your donor M5. That’s a lot of Euros to be spending on a BMW sedan, even the world’s fastest. Still, you’re guaranteed not to see too many other M5 Hurricane RRs on the road, and that may be worth the price of admission for some.

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