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Futuristic Nightmare: 1969 Adams Probe 16

Posted in Bizarre, Celebrity Cars, Classic, Collector Cars, Concept Cars, Custom, Exotic Cars, Videos by Dustin Driver | August 5th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

Way back in 2004, Top Gear dug up a bunch of crumbling hulks and had its audience vote on which one they’d restore. The 1969 Adams Probe 16 was the most insane, eyelid-prying, bowler-hat-wearing, underwear-on-the-outside car of the lot. Designed by Denis and Peter Adams of Marcos, it stood only 34 inches high and had no doors. Driver and passenger climbed in through the roof. They only made three Probe 16s, but the car will live on in infamy as the shockingly futuristic car in Stanley Kubrick’s traumatizing film A Clockwork Orange. Unfortunately, the Probe 16 didn’t win the vote. A ’63 Mini won instead. According to a questionable Wikipedia entry, two of the three probes survive with private collectors. Hit the jump for more photos of the outrageous Probe 16.

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3 Responses

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