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Future BMW M3’s Will Go Back to Basics

Posted in auto industry, BMW by MrAngry | March 23rd, 2010 | 2 Responses |


The BMW M3 has always been a little hammer of a car dating back to its first rendition in the form of the original import, the E30. Back then the M3 was a true race car for the street with its flared fenders and rear wing. It was also powered by a stout inline-4. Over the generations the M3 has seen some changes. It has gone on diets, had power increases in the form of a big V8 and came in either the standard coupe, 4-door and even a convertible.

Now it seems that BMW is going to take a page out of their own history book and bring the M3 back to its origins. The big V8 that currently resides under the bonnet will be tossed in favor of a twin-turbo six. The 4-door model will also be dropped thus leaving those who want room for the kids to look elsewhere. The great part about the M3 is that it has always been Germany’s version of the boy racer. Its always had a little flash to it while at the same time being a bit standoffish. The key though, to every version of the M3 is that it was always able to get the job done. I think BMW saw that the M3 was starting to lose some of its luster and decided to revisit their original formula and get back to basics.

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2 Responses

  1. frostwick says:

    the e30 m3 is has a 4 cylinder engine, to comply with racing regulations, the 325 has a inline 6 and the 318 has a 4 pot

  2. Ramon says:

    Dunno if I like the idea of a turbo charged M3. If they are putting a turbo 6 in the M3 what’s going to go into the new 3 series??