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Fuelly.com: Track You Gas Mileage and Compare It With Your Friends

Posted in Fuel, Gas Prices, Road Trips, Tips, Traffic by Vito Rispo | September 16th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

People love social networking, you can gossip and chat and share pictures of yourself drunk and naked with all your friends, it’s great stuff. And now you can even compare your gas mileage. Fuelly.com is a social network devoted to tracking, sharing and comparing gas mileage, and it’s actually really fun.

You can add friends based on their car type, gas mileage and odometer checks. It tracks everything, including what kind of car you’re driving, how much you’re spending, and even creates little charts to let you know whether your mileage is improving or declining over time.

There’s also a forum and a section with a dozen or so tips for inproving your eco-driving, like using cruise control when you can and keeping your tires properly inflated.

As of this writing, 7,934 Fuelly users have tracked 45,851 fuel-ups in 9,199 vehicles over 11,983,249 miles of driving.

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