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Fuel Vapor ale gets 92mpg car with a 5 second zero-to-sixty

Posted in Car Tech, Concept Cars, Design, Emissions, Fast Cars by will bee | August 21st, 2007 | 18 Responses |

Fuel Vapor Ale

After 15 years of research and labor George Parker, the President of Fuel Vapor Technologies is closer now than ever to seeing his dream come to fruition. With patents pending on his engine technology, Parker is sharing a first glimpse of the Fuel Vapor ale to the public. More astonishing than the design of the 3-wheeled vehicle is the output of the ultra-light auto.

With a high mileage, turbo charged 1500cc Honda engine the Fuel Vapor ale puts out 180-hp and achieves a zero-to-sixty time of 5 seconds and a quarter mile time of 12.9 seconds. Oh, did I mention that those results are acquired while still getting 92 miles-per-gallon? The secret to the ale’s output? …it is in the air.

Parker has developed his Fuel Vapor technology system that feeds a modified mixture of fuel and air than your typical compbustion engine. First the fuel is taken from liquid form into a gaseous form and then it is mixed with the air into the cylinder at an unthinkable ratio. A typical combustion engine is fed a fuel air mix of 14.7 parts of air to every one part of fuel (14.7:1). The Fuel Vapor ale increases that ratio to 20:1.

Essentially what is happening is the ale is using less fuel to produce a better performing and efficient engine. And because the fuel is fed in a vapor form their are fewer particles of fuel that fail to burn. Thus the Fuel Vapor ale is producing 75%fewer carbon emissions on regular fuel without a catalytic converter installed than any hybrid car and far less than any gasoline engine on the planet (hehe.. non-proven hyperbole.. I couldn’t help myself).

Currently the Fuel Vapor Technologies company is waiting on their patent to be processed and awaiting on investors to help them along. The intent is to make the Fuel Vapor ale a production car, which is a requirement to be considered for the Automotive X-Prize competition. The prize money put up for the first car to reach 100-mpg is $10million, but the contingency on winning the prize is that the car is ready and able to be produced in adequate numbers.

The car may be too small for some or look like a shovel to others and that is fine. The Fuel Vapor ale is a large step toward proving that engine technologies do exist that can allow for better fuel economy. While a 1500cc engine may not drive a Suburban down the road nobody asked the Wright Brothers to build a Lear jet after their first flight along the beach in North Carolina.

Head over to Fuel Vapor Technologies website to learn more about the Fuel Vapor ale and about the Fuel Vapor System.

Source[zercustoms , FuelVaporCar]

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18 Responses

  1. I wonder why they went with a 1500cc? Why not go a tad smaller and make it over the 100mpg line? The difference in power is fairly small, and presumably the prize would offset any lost sales.

  2. Spell Check Your Work says:

    Essential what is happening is the ale is using less fuel to produce a better performing and efficient engine.

    Don’t these columnists ever spell check their work anymore?
    Come on guys you expect to be taken seriously as columnist with errors like this?

    Sweet car though!

  3. will bee says:


    …Spell Check? -Yes.
    …Language Check? – Not Available.

    Sometimes Proof Reading Eyes get tired and the mind reads what it meant to say and not what was typed.

    I am sorry my typo offended you so. I have corrected the error.

    Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  4. Dee says:

    That’s a wild kinda looking car.. I’d feel a bit claustrophobic in that thing…

  5. Buzz Lightyear says:

    Looks like Canada has something to be proud of!

  6. JT says:

    is it called the “ale”? That probably won’t work in the USA, fwiw. I mean, why not just call it the Fuel Vapor beer? Or the Fuel Vapor mead? Or maybe the Fuel Vapor six pack.

  7. Jess says:

    Well that thung is ugly dude nobody would buy it to show off
    (well i wouldnt)

  8. matt says:

    They will start selling it when the oil will disappear. Sad but true!

  9. autoinfo says:

    The size and structure of the vehicle may be questionable but using
    vaporized fuel is proven. I see from their website they are operating
    in a lean burn condition, around 20-1. That typically creates an
    unacceptable level of NOX in the exhaust. I have also seen another
    company called Vapor Fuel Technologies that has multiple patents on a
    vapor system that greatly increases fuel economy without the NOX
    problem and has been verified by an independent test lab. You can
    check them out at http://www.vftllc.com

  10. Paul Milsom says:

    how typical, come up with a revolution however small , and some twat moans about the spelling.
    I’m impressed that it’s Canada… usually fairly boring.. but I think its a good effort. ‘course most americans couldn’t drag their fat arses out of theis monster suburbans. to even get in it. but bring it to Europe. we have bends, and fun roads.. 3 wheeled hotroda are fairly popular here, and at a decent price, with the very acceptable space age looks peole will buy it… I hope there’ll be a tuning kit for it….

  11. Spencer says:

    100mpg? The new 3 wheelers are out in 208 with 300mpg! Now that my ride!!!

  12. TomtenT says:

    S T O P
    burning stuff
    to get energy


    C’mon ! Think about it !
    It’s such a primitive approach, you have to look
    in the direction of p-r-o-f-i-t ( oil ) to find a reasonably
    logical explanation to these stupid energy-generating
    methods. Burning coal in powerplants, burning ethanol in
    so called “green” vehicles (producing even worse levels of
    cancerogene substances than gasoline), burning uranium
    in powerplants – producing wasteproblems, burning oil in
    ancient combustion engines (vapour or not),
    et.c., et.c.
    All this is mainly the same as the bush-man burning wood
    in the open just to get some heat and light, even though
    he would be far better off building house and tools et.c. from the
    S-U-S-T-A-I-N-A-B-L-E SOURCES ! ! !

    STOP burning things to get power !!!

  13. John Swansey says:

    this gy is great , these foolish people who know nothing about vapor systems shuld keep their mout shut asnd listen to learm something [ I Guess they wold say the TV coul dnot be invented too .
    I dove my limo on vapor at 65 miles per hour and now am going to increase it .

  14. Anthony Alesi says:

    It’s a motorcycle. That’s why it doesn’t need to conform to automobile safety standards. It can be lightweight with no airbags, side panel crash safety, etc. May have to wear a helmet in some states. GET IT.

  15. Greg says:

    FVT (Fuel Vapor Technologies) is near completion of there new EV hybrid the eVaro
    200 klm range plus an on board generator running on fuel vapor, producing 400 volts to
    top of the lithium polymer batteries during cross country trips
    top speed 130 mph
    0-60 mph under 4 sec
    in Canada it is classified as a car and will be certified as such with air bags
    and all other DOT approved equipment, it will also be crash tested and
    certified before it goes into production in 2010
    to those people who can’t find something positive to say, keep it to your self, nobody cares about your opinion
    high mileage comes with sacrifices, you might want to get used to it as more vehicles like this and the Aptera
    will be showing up over the next few years
    for more info contact http://www.fuelvaporcar.com

  16. GL says:

    The ale’ is now known as the eVaro and it is now a fully functioning series hybrid, the new evaro is designed this way to maximize mpg, it is now mileage certified by the University of Fraser Valley to 330 mpg, with a city average of 275 mpg and 165 hwy, unlike most cars that are built around style the eVaro is specifically designed for high mileage at highway speeds, it will hold two large people, two full sets of golf clubs and over three grocery buggies worth of groceries and the new car will travel 120 miles on a charge before the 20 kwt generator kicks in to top off the batteries, the new eVaro will have 800 hp from twin DC motors and 2000 lbs of torque at 0 rpm, look out Tesla and Aptera

  17. […] Hot Vapor engine but has a retrofitted honda engine that current claims 92MPG and 5 seconds 0-60. Fuel Vapor ale gets 92mpg car with a 5 second zero-to-sixty But the original was a Fiero Smokey Yunick’s Hot Vapor Fiero; 51 mpg and 0-60 in less than 6 […]

  18. James Smith says:

    All internal combustion engines burn only fuel vapor. Gasoline, for instance, will not burn in liquid form. Only the vapors will burn. The same is true for diesel, natural gas, propane and alcohol.