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Fuel Tank TV Profile: Ford Chief Designer, Craig Metros

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Craig Metros Ford Chief Designer

I guess it just wouldn’t be fair if we all had natural talent. This is Craig Metros, a Detroit native who is now a Chief Designer for the Ford Motor Company down in Melbourne, Australia. His talents run from creating some of the coolest hot rods around, to being one helluva an artist. His shop/studio is a warehouse that he rents with six other gearheads, that together feed off each other creatively. Some are bike guys, others car guys, but in the end they all share the common interest in anything and everything mechanical. Metros then goes on to explain how music, movies and the artistic culture of the city of Melbourne help to shape his creative process. This piece was filmed by Luke Ray (Fuel Magazine) and Tom Broadhurst (Bandit Films) and should do a little bit to brighten up your day.

Source: Chromjuwelen.com

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