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Fuel Tank TV: Much Much Go

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Vintage Motorcycles

Pure, mechanical, simple and raw. Four words that capture the essence of vintage motorcycles. There were no computers, no 500 page manuals and no bullshit with these machines. They were built in a time when image didn’t rule the roost and when getting from point A to point B was more important than getting to your local hipster hang out. Today there is a resurgence in getting these bikes back on the road, as enthusiasts have finally begun to realize just how important protecting the legacy of these machines is. To keep them running requires old world skill, to find parts takes patience and perseverance, most of all though, it takes passion to invest in something that the world has seemingly forgotten. The following video was put together by Fuel Tank TV and shows one mans love for these aging two-wheeled dinosaurs.

Source: Fuel Tank TV

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