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Ft.Lauderdale Man Ticketed For Obama Victory Celebration

Posted in Cars, Newsworthy, Politics, Roads, Traffic, Travel by Suzanne Denbow | November 7th, 2008 | 1 Response |

In Fort Lauderdale, FL, 46-year-old Brian Nelson was stopped on Oakland Park Boulevard last Tuesday night and cited for violating Florida Statute 316.271, excessive use of the horn. Celebrating Barack Obama’s presidential victory, Nelson had been jubilantly beeping his horn every few blocks on the North Federal Highway until Officer Raymond Martucci pulled him over. Receiving a ticket as well as a $90 fine, Nelson was so incensed by Officer Martucci’s audacity that not only did he e-mail Mayor Jim Naugle’s office, but he also put in a phone call to the police department’s internal affairs unit, complaining about the “unfair targeting.” On Thursday, police spokesman Sgt. Frank Sousa acknowledged that “The incident is being reviewed by the agency…He [Nelson] has the same due process rights as any other citizen and can appeal the ticket in court.”

Off the record, independent legal analysts advise Nelson to delay any further action until President-elect Obama has formally taken office so that in addition to stripping Ofc. Martucci of his badge, Nelson may also receive a $90 government handout.

Source: SunSentinel.com

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  1. Duh says:

    The judge laughed and threw the case out. So much for Republican police officers taking their anger out on innocent citizens!