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Frozen Assets Makes Winter Worthwhile.

Posted in Best of, DIY, General, Horsepower, Off-Roading, Racing, Videos by MrAngry | February 2nd, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Frozen Assets

I think I have just found the cure for cabin fever! This is an ice dragster that belongs to the Frozen Asset race team out of Minnesota. The concept is simple; take a Spitzer dragster chassis, insert one big honkin’ 2000 hp Pro Line twin-turbo V8 and a rear-trac complete with full spike regalia and you’ve got what is perhaps the baddest machine ever to have run across frozen H20. The pilot of this nut-ball machine is a gentlemen by the name of Paul Groth, he’s the lunatic that back in the 1980’s took the Budwiser Sno King to a top ice speed of over 200 mph using a blown big-block Chevy. The fabrication was done by Performance Concepts of Mokena, IL and by the looks of it they did an outstanding job. Now I’m all for going fast but I like good old fashion tarmac, not a surface that goes against everything that a good pair of brakes stand for. Click through for the video.

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