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Front Wheel Drive BMW’s: It could happen…

Posted in auto industry, BMW, Featured, Mini, News, Newsworthy by MrAngry | January 8th, 2011 | 1 Response |
BMW 0-Series

Image: AutoExpress

There are some things in life that I would prefer never change. One is air… I love this stuff. It keeps me alive and there is nothing like taking in a nice deep breath of crisp Northeast oxygen in the winter. Modern plumbing is also high on my list of unchangeable items. I simply love the fact that when I go, it goes… far, far away from me. Lastly I love the fact that performance car manufacturers still make cars with a traditional front engine, rear drive layout. At least I did until Autoblog.com found rumors that one of our favorites may be changing their tune. BMW is said to be working on a few small concept cars that may in fact be front-wheel drive.

BMW 0-Series

Image: AutoExpress

Now, some could argue that there already are small front drive BMW’s roaming the streets in the form of the new Mini Cooper. Until I see one with that little BMW roundel on the hood though, I’m choosing not to believe it. Some are saying that the reason for the front-drive cars is so that BMW can bump up the companies average fuel economy for the product range. Others say that they simply want to increase the profitability of the brand. Whatever the case my hope is that if BMW does decide to go down this road that their new little concepts don’t devalue what is a wonderful and respected brand.

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