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Friday Insanity: Radial-Engined Vehicles

Posted in Bizarre, car modifications, Car Tech, Horsepower, Motorcycle, Off-Roading, Racing by Alex Kierstein | May 29th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |
<i>Count Trossi Monaco GP Racer.</i>

Count Trossi Monaco GP Racer.

Even though it’s been a short week, boy howdy are we glad it’s Friday. And how better to celebrate the end of another soul-sucking week pushing widgets and sobbing in the corner than to gawk at some stark-raving-lunatic vehicular insanity?

<i>7-cylinder radial chopper built by Jesse James.</i>

7-cylinder radial chopper built by Jesse James.

You may remember our earlier post about road-going automotive engines that are used in airplanes (and this one). Today we’re going to scramble whatever neurons you have left going into the weekend with three radial-powered, wheeled, completely crazy vehicles. Make the jump for more.

Count Trossi Monaco


That, friends, is the Count Trossi/Augusto Monaco GP car, which may have been inspired by Salvador Dali or a serious fever. With a 4 liter, 16-cylinder, two-cycle, twin-Zoller-supercharged motor making roughly 250 HP and 75% of the weight over the front, it was certified for the looney bin. It was dreadful to drive and so it never raced. [Source: Jalopnik]

Jesse Jame’s “Radial Hell”


This West Coast Choppers creation might be one of the more insane engine transplants into a bike we’ve ever seen. Featured in the April 2007 issue of Cycle World, the Australian Rotec radial seems to make 110 HP in stock form, and who knows how much in this application. Have more details? Hit us up in the comments. [Source: Kneeslider]

Herbie the Love Bug Manic Competition Tractor


This is Herbie, a Dutch competition tractor powered by a Curtis-Wright radial aircraft engine. Despite the excessive awesomeness of this tractor, finding a shred of info about it that doesn’t include the word “tweedehands” and a lot of other nonsensical Dutch in it is difficult. Bet that would make plowing a field pretty fun, eh? [Source: PullingWorld]

Enjoy your Friday!

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