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Free gas for drivers in Warren, MI

Posted in General by davidallen | June 15th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

You know its not that often when you get the opportunity to mention that somewhere is giving away something useful let alone something that people especially drivers actually want. Yet here we are talking about a place in the states where ordinary drivers can just pull into a service station and get some free gas, yes, that is what I said, free gas!

free gas

Where is this place? I can hear you shouting already, well only if you are lucky enough to live in Warren, MI, where the Insurance company Allstate is rewarding the area for having improved its ranking in the list of safe drivers, Allstate made a study of their records covering the whole of the states and found that the drivers of Warren had increased the length of time between claiming on their insurance for accident damage by around two and half years, this takes the areas average to around 13 years between claims, which is pretty good.

So as a reward the insurance company have made a provision for $20,000 worth of free fuel to be offered to all residents of Warren at a few selected service stations, drivers will be allowed to claim their 10 gallons worth of free gas by just driving into the service station.


However there are going to be quite a few other drivers heading in the same direction, police have even been directing traffic to the Fast Track Gas Station at 13 Mile and Mound.

Well done to them and keep up the safe driving!

Source [Jalopnik]

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