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New Jersey Bus Driver Suspended For Leaving 5-year-old Girl On Bus

Posted in Newsworthy, Scandal, Traffic, Travel by Suzanne Denbow | September 18th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

In Franklin Township, New Jersey [everyone is shocked, I know] a school bus driver has been fired after he failed to check the bus for stragglers before knocking off for the afternoon. According to NJ.com, the 5-year old girl had fallen asleep in the back of the bus and went unnoticed by the driver after his finished his route. Now here’s why this is slightly controversial: the man had been a reliable school bus driver for 19 years, and as soon as he realized the girl was on the bus, he drove her to her home immediately, completely unharmed. Still, the Franklin Township School Board saw “just cause” to relieve the driver of his duties, explaining that the driver had failed district policy requiring all bus drivers to make a thorough sweep for students before ending their run. “I certainly regret this incident even took place,” Superintendent Michael Kozak lamented. “Hopefully, this is an incident we will not have to deal with again.”

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