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Frankfurt to see Bluetec Mercedes

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With an increase in hybrid technology being introduced into the luxury car market, it seems that everyone wants to get onto the band wagon. Following in the footsteps of Lexus, and Honda, German luxury car maker Mercedes Benz has now decided to create their first hybrid vehicle, now you would assume that this would be in the lower models such as the A class, but no, Mercedes Benz has pulled out all the stops and are poised to launch the Mercedes S Class Diesel Hybrid.


Built in partnership with GM, BMW and Daimler Chrysler, the new Hybrid will be ready for the Frankfurt Auto Show later on in the year. Of course the details are at best a bit sketchy, but they did have the Bluetec hybrid on show a while ago, which was powered by the 3.2 liter turbo diesel V6 engine, this is an obvious choice for the power plant, but you can never tell.


This is a very bold move for Mercedes but one that could pay off very well for them, as the market for hybrid luxury performance cars is growing as there is an image of being eco friendly while driving around in such a high end car.

The Frankfurt Auto Show will be the first that we will officially see the new car, but no doubt the spy cameras will be camped out around the Nurburgring waiting to get the shots.

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