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Frankfurt Motor Show: The Future of Motorsports

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Porsche Racing

“Porsche. There is no substitute”. When Tom Cruise uttered those words in 1983’s “Risky Business” he wasn’t kidding. You see Porsche is one of those rare manufacturers who actually build cars for drivers. Their heritage is built on racing, tuning and development, which is something that can be seen in every car they sell. Recently, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Hartmut Kristen, the director of Porsche Motorsport, gave an interview on just how closely related Porsche road cars are with their racetrack brethren. According to Kristen, the technology developed in GT Racing is imperative to the development of Porsche’s road cars. From aerodynamics to hybrid technology, racing will always be at the core of Porsche’s development. Click through for the video and enjoy.

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