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Frankfurt Auto Show:Verve Concept to display future styling for Ford

Posted in Car Tech, Concept Cars, Design, Ford by will bee | August 23rd, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Ford Verve Concept

Apparently none of the car manufacturers are eager to go to the Frankfurt Auto Show without something new to show. Ford has already showed one of the cards in its hand with the European Kuga. Now they have announced that the Verve concept will also be on display as the small car model of future design and styling.

The lines of the Verve run quite similar with the ascending slope of the aerodynamic Kuga crossover SUV. The platform upon which the Verve is built will serve across the globe as the B-segment platform for Ford. Taking the initial leap as the first to bring the platform to market will be the all new Fiesta. While the size and design of the Fiesta will be similar to the Verve Concept there will be noticeable differences. The most striking differences will be a smaller grill, resized headlamps and a body slope more reminiscent of the Focus 2-door.

Ford Verve Concept

With the European Kuga’s mid-sized platform and the Verve’s small-sized platform Ford is finally on their way toward reducing much of the overlap in their designs. Having multiple platforms for similar sized vehicles across the globe was an added cost Ford could no longer carry.

What do you think of Ford’s Verve concept? Do you prefer the aggressive style and wide grille? Would you prefer the Verve concept to the softening of the design the Fiesta is certain to receive?


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