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4 Influential Leaders In Hybrid Car Technologies

Posted in Car Tech, Hybrid by David | April 30th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

\Interestingly enough the Toyota Prius leads the way in hybrid technology here in the United States. I remember when one of my good buddies at the National Renewable Energy Lab was talking it up like it was going to save the world. Well it’s possible it could save plenty of lives and help stabilize our economy. Today there are lots of people who help drive the hybrid industry forward. Here are 7 of the most influential leaders in hybrid technology today.

1. Al Gore

Al Gore has probably had the strongest influence on creating energy awareness of anyone in our lifetimes. Because of that more and more people have looked into being consumers of hybrid technology including the hybrid car.

2. David Hermance

David Hermance was formerly the executive engineer for advanced technology vehicles at Toyota USA and was influential in developing the Toyota Prius. He passed away in 2006 but he left an amazingly powerful mark on the automotive industry.

3. Victor Wouk

Thirty years before the Toyota Prius got the attention of an energy-anxious nation, a starry-eyed inventor named Victor Wouk built a hybrid gas-electric vehicle that sipped fuel at half the rate of virtually all other cars on the road.

However, under the pressure of the US Government and big Oil Barons it was shot down by the EPA even though it met and exceeded all clean air standards at the time. Victor Houk was truly a revolutionary that many leaders in the Hybrid Development at companies look up to.

4. Martin Eberhard

Martin Eberhard is the co-founder of Tesla, the electric high end sports car company who is helping drive innovation towards a fully electric vehicle. This scares the crap out of the auto industry and forces them to push for more and more hybrid technologies.

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