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Found On eBay: Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s VW Death Bus

Posted in Celebrity Cars, General, Rust or Lust, Volkswagen by Kurt Ernst | April 26th, 2010 | 1 Response |

OK, I personally guarantee this is the weirdest thing you’ll see on RideLust this week: up for sale is the 1968 Volkswagen Bus used by Dr. Jack Kevorkian to um, kill people. Or assist in their suicides, depending upon how you look at it. The bus looks to be in pretty rough shape, and it’s been sitting since 1997. The current owner is adamant about it being sold in non-drivable condition, and his attorney is requiring a signed statement that the bus won’t be driven until its made roadworthy. I guess he doesn’t want the bus to continue its legacy.

If you’re looking for a restorable VW bus, this probably isn’t it. For starters, the motor’s got a rod knock, tin worm has done a number on the body and the interior will certainly need going over. However, if you’re bummed about missing the chance to buy Ted Bundy’s VW Beetle, head on over to this eBay auction and get bidding. It’ll look great parked next to your Econoline van with “Free Candy” written on the side.

Source: Kevorkian’s VW Bus for Sale on eBay

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One Response

  1. Eddie V says:

    “However, if you’re bummed about missing the chance to buy Ted Bundy’s VW Beetle,”

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day! – Bravo! .