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Forza Horizon Getting Ready: October 23rd, 2012

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Forza Horizon

There’s no question that Forza Motorsport is the undisputed king of automotive video games. By providing tons of cars, realistic driving physics and mind-blowing graphics, the franchise was not only able to knock former champion Gran Turismo off the podium, but now thanks to Forza Horizon, they’re going for world domination. Horizon is the next step in Forza’s evolution and promises players such things as total open world playability, night and off-road racing, as well as an online competition mode that promises to be second-to-none. Click through and check it out!

Source: Youtube.com

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4 Responses

  1. Rod Munch says:

    Great, they jumped the shark with this now. “Need for Speed”, anyone? smh

    • djrosa says:

      well im not so sure first of all its still based on the forza fysics engine and while there are lots of drivers aids you are supposed to be able to turn them of (like forza 4). other than that this isnt a forza motorsport its forza horizon so they are making a different game but with their passion for carculture and fidelity. sortof like a Audi TT and a Audi Q7 is the same brand but a different car. or should i say cherry coke and regular coke?

      • Rod Munch says:

        Sure, I love how technical, well thought out and prepared the Forza series has been, but I think they were built upon a solid foundation of being a serious racing simulator. I am sure it will be a fun game, but I’d prefer the next Forza to continue to improve on their successful and original formula versus creating a new one when that “new” formula has already been done many times over(Need for Speed). I hope Forza Horizon isn’t the gaming community’s “new coke”.

  2. 68SportFury says:

    Wow, I want that!