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Formula One Supports Green Campaign

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This weekend, the F1 Japanese Grand Prix will feature special tires to draw attention to an environmental initiative the racing league hopes will resonate with fans.  Formula One’s governing body, the FIA, has thrown their weight behind an environmental compaign called “Make Cars Greener.”  Beyond the specially-prepared and green-grooved Bridgestone tires, “Make Cars Green” has 10 points to “green” up everyday driving.

Although largely common sense suggestions, www.makecarsgreen.com recommends the following:

1) Buy Green – When purchasing a car you should always take into consideration environmental performance,

2) Plan your Journey – A well-planned journey will allow you to get to your destination in the quickest and easiest way, saing on unnecessary fuel emissions.

3) Check tire pressures frequently – A well-inflated tire decreases the rolling resistance and thereby increases efficiency.

4) Reduce loads and avoid the need for roof racks –  Extra weight increases the consumption of fuel as does increased air resistance.

5) Dont warm up your engine before starting off – Modern cars no longer need to be warmed up before starting off, only in extremely cold conditions

6) Use air conditioning only when necessary – Avoid setting AC to low, as AC uses a lot of power from the car.

7) Accelerate gently and keep your speed constant – Gentledriving uses less fuel, is safer and will allow you and your passengers to reach your destinationin more comfort.

8) Use engine braking – Using the natural braking power of engines saves on fuel economy.

9) Dont idle your engine – When you are not using the engine of the car it is still using fuel.

10) Offset yor CO2 emissions – CO2 production as a result of transport is often unavoidable.  If you do drive you can still contribute to CO2 reduction by offsetting emissions.

As part of this campaign, the FIA has launched a public policy declaration which calls on the United Nations to adopt the first ever worldwide target for CO2 emissions in passenger cars. Make Cars Green also outlines how policy makers, industry and consumers can all play a constructive role in the development of a more ecologically sustainable means of personal mobility in the future. The connections between greener motoring and Formula One will be further strengthened next year with the introduction of energy regenerating hybrid devices, one of a number of initiatives in the sport that will be increasingly relevant to the car industry and help accelerate the use of fuel-efficient technology on public roads.

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