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Formula 1 Secrets With Mark Webber

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Mark Webber F1 KERS

Red Bull sponsored Formula One driver Mark Webber is all about using the latest and greatest in technology to help him land on the podium. His car is a technological marvel that is capable of traveling well over 230 mph and in doing so, employs some pretty innovative tricks to help it stay glued to the ground. In the below video Webber educates us on his cars KERS system as well as its adjustable rear wing. The KERS system on the car is actually quite ingenious and acts almost like an old school shot of nitrous when applied. You see KERS works when a driver applies pressure to the brakes. This then transfers kinetic energy into an electric motor, where it’s then converted into electric energy and stored in the cars battery. When the driver is ready he then presses a button which releases that burst of stored energy, thus resulting in an additional 80 hp burst. This extra hp can be used at the start, in passing situations and or in offense and defense maneuvers when a driver needs an extra push.

Next up is the cockpit controlled adjustable rear wing, another piece of engineering that is simply amazing. Drivers utilize this system to help in either maximizing or minimizing the cars drag. Simply put, the slipperier the car is through the air, the faster the car is going to go. Since these adjustments make such substantial differences in the cars performance, they can only be used in certain instances on the track. These cars are wonders of modern technology and manufacturers spend tens of millions of dollars on research and development to help make Formula 1 one of the most exciting forms of motor sport on the planet.

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