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Former Nascar Driver Arrested in High Speed Chase.

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Meet James Neal, he’s the former Nascar driver and nimrod that tried to outrun the police in Los Angeles. Apparently Neal had retired from Nascar back in 1987 after racing at the old (and now closed) Ascot Park track in Gardena, CA. It’s also apparent that he thought he still had the chops to allude some of L.A.’s finest by taking them on a 140 mph high speed chase through parts of Southern California. Who knows, with his background Neal may have actually gotten away with it had it not been for the engine in his 2003 Corvette blowing sky high.

On Tuesday Neal pleaded guilty to felony evasion while driving recklessly and will spend a month in the clink plus 3 years probation. Guess he should have had that sucker tuned up before he decided to run.

Source: LA Times.com

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