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Forgotten Supercars: Lamborghini Jalpa

Posted in Exotic Cars, Favorite Cars, Lamborghini by Dustin Driver | April 26th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

This is the Lamborghini Jalpa. It was Lamborghini’s first attempt to make an “affordable” supercar. The Bertone-designed bull had a screamin’ twin-cam 3-liter V-8 that put out 255 horsepower. That was enough to push the futuristic ride to a top speed of 145 miles per hour. Not impressive by today’s standards, but not bad when it was released in 1981. About 400 Jalpas were made between ’81 and ’88 and today you can pick up a nice example for about $50k. I’ve only ever seen one and it was sitting neglected behind a chain-link fence in the lot of an exotics mechanic. It looked ready to shake off its coating of dust and grime with a whirr of impulse drives and rocket into the stratosphere on a trajectory to Mars. But it probably needed an engine rebuild.

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