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Ford Transit Supervan Mk1: One Fast Barn Door.

Posted in Ford, Promoted, Racing, Supercars, Vans by MrAngry | January 10th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Ford Transit Supervan Mk1

I was trolling through the blog over at Hemmings.com when I came across this forgotten piece of Ford history. This is a European only Ford Transit van that has beenslightly modified with a few go fast goodies to enhance its otherwise dismal performance. Originally built to bring some notoriety to the Transit vans, the vehicle was more of a publicity stunt then anything else. That didn’t mean however that it didn’t perform. Modifications included a 5.0-liter 435 hp V8, that was lowered into a custom space-frame chassis inside the Transit vans cargo hold. The transmission was a manual 5-speed unit, with the brakes and fully independent suspension being sourced from the iconic Ford GT40. All this race technology made the Transit van good for a top speed that was a tick over 150 mph, making it the world’s quickest barn door. The Supervan was a very cool experiment that, from what I can tell, had a pretty good following back in the day. Recently Ford released the Transit Van to the U.S. market which has me thinking that it may be time for a new experiment.

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One Response

  1. andy browne says:

    I used to own Supervan 1 as shown in the picture and have a history file of this vehicle. I am interested in any other photos you have on this particular van. I would appreciate a reply,
    Thanks Andy Browne