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Ford Transit Connect Makes Fueling Contrived Holidays A Breeze

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With Sweetest Day (a holiday that no one aside from that aunt of yours who works at Hallmark has ever even heard of) right around the corner, Ford has taken another opportunity to highlight the outstanding cargo capability and fuel efficiency of the Ford Transit Connect. Rather than rely on trusty (if a little outlandish) PR verbiage to do the trick, however, Ford went directly to Transit Connect owner and local Michigan florist Frank Mancuso, who is busily preparing for one of the largest greeting card-created holidays of the year.

Mancuso owns and operates Mancuso Florists in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, and he lauded the Ford Transit Connect with praise for the invaluable asset it’s become to his business. “A full-size van is almost invisible, because they’re everywhere,” explained Mancuso. “But all kinds of people notice our Transit Connect. Our drivers get so many inquiries about the vehicle, we hand out cards with information about it. Transit Connect serves as a ‘rolling billboard’ for our business.” Of course, some might argue that a panel van with a halfway decent graphics package could achieve the same results without being so, well, weird looking but the Mancuso’s praise for the Transit Connect doesn’t stop there. “It costs us about $30 to fill the gas tank in the Transit Connect,” said Mancuso. “It costs us about $70 to fill the tank in one of our full-size vans. A full tank lasts around the same time in either vehicle, so delivery costs are significantly reduced by using the Transit Connect.”

Bottom line: great for small businesses, large families, and modest military juntas.

Source: Ford

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