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Ford Sync: Coming to a Ford Product Near You!

Posted in Ford by will bee | July 3rd, 2007 | 1 Response |

Ford Motor Company and Microsoft have come together to bring voice activation and cellphone navigation to an in-car dashboard near you. In the following video Ford not only outlines what their new Sync technology will do for you in the car, but they employ THE movie trailor voice to build some subliminal excitement during its commercial.

Just listen to the tone of this guys voice and tell me whether you feel subconsciously excited for the release of Ford Sync this Fall.

The Ford Sync’s “concierge” service seems to be a latte and foot massage shy of full-service. To read more on the Sync’s future services checkout Fords media release.

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One Response

  1. Dee says:

    Okaaay, I guess that’s a way of communicating thru your steering wheel instead of use of cellphone while driving. Don’t know whether I’d feel comfortable talking to a car but it’s an idea. Bluetooth headsets still seems easier with phone’s that have voice activation than this so called Sync.. there’s no buttons to push. Where’s the dancing girls and the hot cocoa machine? And how much would this Sync package for a car run?