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Ford Reflex Hybrid Concept

Posted in Concept Cars, Ford, Hybrid by Ryan | June 3rd, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

I’m a huge fan of the potential of performance hybrid cars. One of my favorites so far is the Ford Reflex that debuted as a concept car in 2006. Ford says that it will be able to get up to 65mph and, check this out, the Reflex is going to have solar panels!!!! Just don’t let your Reflex get stuck outside in a hail storm trying to suck up as much sun as possible;-)

From the side, it looks like a miniature Mustang.
Ford Reflex Hybrid

From the back it looks like a Porsche.
Back of Ford Reflex

And coolest of all, check out the rear-hinged doors that open up.
Ford Reflex rear-hinged doors

Video below the fold…

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