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Ford Recalls Windstar Minivans For Rear Axle Failure Danger

Posted in Ford, General, Newsworthy, Recalls, Safety, Used Cars by Kurt Ernst | August 28th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |
2002 Ford Windstar

A 2002 Ford Windstar

Do you own a 1998 – 2003 Ford Windstar? About 575,000 people who live in winter-plagued states (and Canada) do, and Autoblog reports that Ford will be recalling these Windstars to check for rear axle rust and corrosion. In a worst-case scenario, the axle could rust through and fail, causing a loss of control. The recall is limited to states and provinces that use rock salt as a de-icing agent on winter roads, although a specific list of locations was not provided.

The NHTSA has received over 200 complaints on this issue, but only a few involve complete failure of the rear axle. The recall is scheduled to begin on September 27, and will address concerns on the rear axle only. The agency is also investigating complaints of front subframe failures in Windstars, also in rust belt states.

Owners of Windstar models with questions or concerns can contact Ford’s customer service hotline at (800) 392-3673 in the United States or (800) 565-3673 in Canada.

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