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Ford & Pontiac Leaning on Rappers Appeal to design and sell new cars

Posted in Auto Show, Design, Ford, GM, Pontiac by will bee | November 1st, 2007 | 2 Responses |

With Funkmaster Flex and 50 Cents in attendance at this years SEMA to promote the cars that borrow their fame we are beginning to wonder whether the gamble pays off. Celebrity endorsements and affiliations seem to pay high dividends in other areas of the market; from clothes to sunglasses and on down to water. However do similar endorsements perform the same way in the car industry? Obviously Ford and Pontiac are hoping that they do.

50 Cent Pontiac G8Ford has had a two year running with Funkmaster Flex (FMF) as they put his handiwork into a 2006 Ford Fusion for the NAIAS that year. Now they have utilized him yet again as Ford looks to bring out their Ford Flex crossover with plenty of hype. Will there be a FMF street version of his Flex2? Only Ford can say.

Now if 50 Cent is promoting your car is it a safe assumption then that the Pontiac G8 that bears his stamp of approval in design also come with bullet proof glass? Pontiac seems to be struggling to remain relevant so maybe by grabbing up 50 Cent they are attempting to put a bit of excitement back into their cars… or at least the G8.

While Ford and Pontiac/GM bring along those performance with enough stage presence and street “cred” to cause a riot under certain scenarios are they really reaching the market segment that will be buying these cars? Would they be better off recruiting assistance from Pierce Brosnan (he WAS 007 I hear) and Jay Leno? True that by utilizing the fame and image of hip-hop artists like FMF and 50 Cent could help you branch out into other areas of the car buyer market, but so could more interesting designs.

Where do you stand? Does a 50 Cent inspired Pontiac G8 make it more Exciting to you? Have you driven a Funkmaster Flex Ford Lately? …are you going to? What celebrities out there might make better automobile endorsement fodder that has yet to be tapped for such duty?

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2 Responses

  1. Brad says:

    Inspired? Exciting? No, it makes me hate Society and Hollywood’s hold on us even more. This is ridiculous. Congrats Consumer Whores and the Sheeple of the world.

  2. HOF says:

    At least the sheep will have a decent car if they buy the G8. I recently rode in a HSV Clubsport R8 (Aussie version of G8 with over 400hp). Fast, agile and comfy. You American wont know what hit you. Some in Ozgolia say it’s not worth the Pontiac badge and should be sold there as a Holden.

    At Fiddy didn’t go overboard with body kits with wings off a C130