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Ford Orion Falcon Flies Soon Down Under

Posted in Design, Ford by will bee | July 13th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

New Falcon Orion Pictures

Some recent design layouts were discarded rather foolishly (or cleverly.. hmmm) by some Ford Australia employees that depicted the potential designs of the Ford Orion Falcon for 2008. Spy photos of a well-disguised model of the Falcon have been filtering through the net for a little while now, but these could be the first unfettered images of the car to be seen by the general public. Of course that is only true if the car turns out to resemble the leaked designs.
Until the actual car comes to the market with a sales sticker on it everything about the Falcon is speculation. But that does not mean that some thoughtful analysis cannot be put into that speculation.
2008 Ford Falcon Orion PicturesInparticularly, in the case of the Falcon photos, there is something about this sedan that is striking. Some may find the flat-black surrounds on the headlights to be unsightly or as one commenter put it, “panda like.” What should be most appealing to the car buying public is the bold steps they are or may be making to take a basic sedan that would normally only address the needs of the average buyer and instead giving the on-the-cusp buyer a reason to consider a sedan. BMW does this all the time (true, different class of car, but same principle) by taking their nice sedan and dressing it with their sporty M-class features. Imagine the potential Ford has with a dress-up of the American Ford Fusion. Funk Master Flex has shown his take on the Fusion and some of the possibilities but I think he could have done more with the exterior to create interest in the car, yet still not hamper it with a hideous F-1 styled spoiler or flamboyant 3-toned paint job.

Funk Master Flex Ford Fusion

The most intriguing aspect of the Australian Ford Falcon design, whether what was leaked makes it to the road or not, is the aspiration of the design to be more than what a mere sedan typically is. And even if the car does resemble a masked thief out to steal the road or your mothers groceries as she returns from the store, it is at the very least a simple yet bold step toward making their Orion sedan something a bit more special.


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