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Ford offers New Mustang GT Handling Upgrades

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The 2010 Mustang’s handling has been described as ‘loose’ in more than one publication. For people with enough money to buy new tires every time they change their oil that’s fantastic, but for the rest of us who might fancy a bit of grip ‘round the corner as opposed to full opposite lock, tank-slapping smoke show (which is certainly fun in its own right) ‘loose’ is not such an exciting adjective.

Maybe Ford read all of those reviews because they announced today the release of two new suspension packages for the Mustang GT.

Option FR3 includes a front strut tower bar, springs with 75 lb heavier rates, stiffer dampers, larger front and rear anti-roll bars, sticky 19-inch Pirelli P-Zero meats and a lower ride height. This dealer installed package will run you $1,335, a pretty damn good deal.

Ford also announced the release of the Mustang GT ‘Track Pack,’ a factory installed option which, according to our friends at MotorAuthority, offers a slightly less aggressive improvement in grip. This package features stiffer dampers, larger front and rear anti-roll bars and the same set of 19-inch Pirelli P-Zero tires. There’s more. This package also comes with a 3.73 rear end featuring a carbon-fiber-plate LSD, Performance Friction brake pads and modified traction control system. Now we’re talking. The track pack will set you back $1,495.

According to Ford, the roll gradient of the track pack equipped Mustang is reduced by almost 13 percent compared with the base 2010 Mustang GT.

Car and Driver recently pitted a track pack equipped 2010 Mustang GT against a 2010 Camaro SS and a 2010 Challenger R/T. The Mustang emerged as victor and C&D lauded body control with the track pack as ‘astounding.’

No word yet from Ford on whether the Track Pack and the missing bits from option FR3 can be mixed and matched. And no reviews have surfaced as of yet on the FR3 package Mustang GT. I’m going to start hunting for one right now.

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