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Ford & Obscure Artist Launch “Belt It Out” Teen Safety Campaign

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Ford and 20-something slashie sensation Kate Voegele (no we hadn’t heard of her either and trust us, it’s not worth the YouTube search) have teamed up to launch the “Belt It Out” contest, encouraging teens to put their safe driving habits to music. Sponsored by a joint effort between the Ford Driving Skills for Life (FDSFL) program and the Governor Highway Safety Association, the primary purpose of the competition is to raise awareness about the number one cause of teenage fatalities: motor vehicle accidents.

“Teens listen to their friends and music more than anything else, which is why we are combining the two so our youngsters can help stop their friends from hand-held texting while driving,” said Jim Graham, community relations manager of Ford Motor Company Fund. Hopefully, Voegele’s endorsement of the campaign will cancel out the demerits earned by using the term “youngsters.” Fortunately, Voegele seems very enthusiastic about the project, presumably since it provides a paying gig with a bigger audience reach than One Tree Hill.

“Music is such a great outlet and this gives teens a chance to create their own music about something important in their lives,” explained Voegele. “I am doing this to encourage people my age to stay focused on their future and to understand the importance of their own driving behaviors. They need to learn to avoid driving distractions such as hand-held texting. Maybe music can help them remember that.”

The contest will officially launch tomorrow on Friday, October 23rd, and teens that are interested in participating are encouraged to don their most ironic t-shirts and submit their best attempt at videography to DrivingSkillsforLife.com. Winners will be selected by fans and Voegele herself in spring 2010 and the grand prize includes a savings bonds worth up to $5,000.

Source: Ford

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