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Ford keeps focus on future with new plant

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While other car companies struggle to maintain their footing in a struggling economy, Ford Motor Company is boldly moving forward.

The company announced yesterday that they are retooling their Michigan truck plant. The site, which has been in existence since 1957, will be designated as the state’s first automotive technology anchor site. The transformation will const an estimated $550 million. The new plant will support an estimated 3,200 workers, helped along by a new agreement between Ford and the United Auto Workers.

Initially, the 140-acre plant will manufacture the Ford Focus, followed in 2011 by an all-electric Focus model for the North American market. The company hopes that by 2012, the plant will be manufacturing four electric models.

While Ford has distinguished itself as the only American automobile company that did not file for a federal bailout, it has still suffered from losses in sales. The remodeling of the Michigan plant will be aided by tax incentives and grants offered by the state.

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