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Ford has set a deadline for the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover

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All bids must in by July 19th originally Ford wanted to sell the Jaguar and Land Rover businesses as a complete package, but it does appear that they may be considering to sell the companies off individually. Which really means that there is a lot of interest in Land Rover and non at all in the luxury brand Jaguar.


There does appear to have been a massive interest in these two companies, unlike the sale of Aston Martin which had a whole load of billionaires and consortiums showing an interest, this does not appear to have happened with Jaguar and Land Rover, in fact it would appear to be that the most likely buyer would be Cerberus Management, who are finalizing the purchase of Chrysler from Daimler. Jaguar and Land Rover would actually make a good fit into this business, but as with any purchase of this nature the buyer would be looking to refinance as soon as they possibly could, and reduce the outgoings of the business.

Land Rover

So even if and when the companies or company are sold, the future for the current plant and workers is not going to be safe, but the names of two luxury brands would live on, which has to better than what would face them if nobody bought the companies from Ford.

Even though the deadline is in a little over a week from now, it is not known when Ford will decide and announce who the new owners will be, the story drags on.

Source [Left Land News]

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