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Ford Going Viral with “Focus Rally America”.

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Ford Focus Rally America

I remember that it was just a mere 20 years ago when I first began to hear rumblings of this new thing called the “internet”. People said it was going to change the way the world worked and did business and that the “World Wide Web” would now be the best source to obtain any and all information. I’m now sitting here typing on my keyboard and since it’s pretty much how I make my living I’m going to assume that those people were right. Automakers have been pimping out their products since the beginning and since the internet is the first place that people look for information, large viral campaigns have become the norm.

Ford Focus Rally America

Ford is now planning a little something different by teaming up with the producers of televisions The Amazing Race. The goal is to create a fully interactive online competition based around the release of their new 2012 Ford Focus called, Focus Rally America. According to Ford,

The rally will feature six teams of two people competing against one another to complete tasks in a challenging cross-country road rally adventure to win a $100,000 grand prize plus 10 new Focuses for fans and supporters of the winning team.

Ford is no fool when it comes to getting the word out about their products and they realize that by utilizing social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter that they are able to reach a much wider audience. They also know that the new 2012 Ford Focus has its cross-hairs dead set on the Facebook generation, which is why they’re going at this thing full tilt. I’m actually quite excited about the show, I just hope that it doesn’t come across as one big Ford commercial.

To apply for the show head on over to FocusRally.com and submit your info.

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