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Ford Focus X Road Caught Peeking At Volvo XC70’s Answers

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Apparently bound and determined to make this break-up as nasty as possible, Ford has delivered one last parting shot to soon-to-be former subsidiary, Volvo, in the form of the new Ford Focus X Road. Unveiled this week at the 2009 AutoRAI in Amsterdam, the Ford Focus X Road is expected to hit dealer lots in the Netherlands in mid-summer 2009 as a blatant design rip-off of the Volvo XC70. Fortunately, as Ford is wont to do, the similarities between the Focus X Road and the XC70 are largely aesthetic, and although the Focus X Road appears to be an off-road ready wagon, it’s basically just a grocery getter with a suspension lift. Dubbed a “soft roader,” the Focus X Road features the same FWD layout as the standard Focus, but the ride height has been lifted to simulate an AWD all-terrain wagon – but wait, it gets even more mundane! Catering to the biofuel-savvy crowd, Ford saw fit to engineer the Focus X Road’s 125-hp 1.8L 4-cylinder engine to run off of either standard gasoline or enviro-friendly monkey piss E85, both of which are expected to yield excellent gas mileage.

Priced at €25,175, only 300 units of the Ford Focus X Road will be produced and for the time being, Ford’s newest eyesore will remain exclusive to the Dutch market.

Source: 4WheelsNews

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  1. Aaron says:

    this is a really good collection of photos and gives a very nice look to the car. great angle shoot.
    the car looks and feels very promising and indeed Volvo has been from a very long time, but in heavy motors like trucks and buses only. But when cars come into talks then there is lot of negative reviews which i have been hearing from a very long time. I just wanted to buy this car but i am really confused and blacked out whether i should go for it or not. The list in Consumer’s forum showed this car on the list of cars to avoid. what is this all about. help me out with this confusion.