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Ford Focus RS500: Gone In 43,200 Seconds

Posted in Ford, General, Newsworthy by Kurt Ernst | April 7th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

You snooze, you lose: remember the Ford Focus RS500 we told you about here? The 345 horsepower, matte and gloss black, limited edition uber Focus RS that Ford deemed us ‘Mericans unworthy of buying? Sorry to tell you, but you’ve missed your opportunity to buy one for your summer place in Berlin.

The entire production run of 500 units sold out in twelve hours, despite the car’s yet-to-be-published price. Demand was so strong that more than 500 orders were received from the UK alone, so Ford’s next challenge will be allocation by country.

If you really need one, there’s still hope: if Ford’s announced price winds up being higher than buyers are willing to pay, you could always buy someone’s spot in the order queue. It’s only money, after all, and you can’t drive a 401k, now can you?

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