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Ford Focus BEV Gives False Hope For The Future Of Electric Vehicles

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Tonight on the series premiere of the The Jay Leno Show, self-avowed petrolhead and Jay Leno will debut the closest thing we filthy Westerners will get to Top Gear‘s “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment. Furnished with a Ford Focus BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) courtesy of the Blue Oval, Leno’s “Green Car Challenge” will put his celebrity guests in the driver’s seat and unleash them on NBC’s private track. Sound like a snooze-fest? Possibly, but don’t let the buzz-killing verbiage fool you. Although the words “electric vehicle” aren’t usually synonymous with “stellar performance,” Leno’s Focus BEV is a one-off version of the 5-door Euro-spec Focus ST specially equipped by the experts in Dearborn to meet the demands of track life. The Focus BEV’s 141-hp magnetic electric motor delivers almost as much torque as a V6 Mustang (236 lb-ft), and many of the suspension components were lifted from the STi-fighting Focus RS.

In 2011, Ford plans to introduce a production version of the Leno Ford Focus BEV to the North American market, but given the shaft the we’ve received in the past (here we’re thinking specifically of the Ford Focus RS), we don’t expect it to be anywhere near as hoon-friendly.

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2 Responses

  1. Tossed Biotech Salad Eggwich xB Face says:

    Take off the blue stickers and it just might be the first car I’ve ever liked in orange. (not including the General Lee (git-r-done).)

  2. Rich says:

    We have a 2000 Ford Ranger that has been converted to an EV. After watching “Who Killed the Electric Car?”, my wife and I were so upset that we decided to build one. We did…

    It is a beautiful Ford Ranger, the same orange color as Len’s BEV, and has a 144 volt system. Bought the truck from a Ford dealer in Wisconsin, bought “how to do it” books from Amazon, went to some “green” meetings in Chicago, linked up with the Fox Valley Electric Auto Association and went to work.

    We had an opportunity to enlist the cooperation of the automotive department at Ivy Tech Community College in East Chicago, Indiana, and the final product was better than I had imagined.

    Top speed: 105 mph
    Range: 40 miles
    Charge: Regular household extension cord; 8 hrs.
    Cost: 60-cents

    It is clean, peppy and really scoots!

    Good news is that we have less than $15,000 invested in the whole project.

    I would like to get the same decal wrap that Leno has on his BEV since our EV is the same color. Any leads?

    Contact us for pictures, testimonials, or a test drive…

    By the way,

    Indiana requires an emissions test before you get your plates. So we took it to the test facility in Lake Station, Indiana. The young man opened up the gas cap door and saw two plug in receptacals: one a 110 V and the other a 220 V. He asked “Where is your gas cap?” and I responded, “We don’t have one.”
    Then he asked, “Well, where is your gas tank?”
    I responded, “We don’t have one.”
    Confused the young man took a step back and asked, “Are you messin with me?”

    “No,” I said…”This is an Electric Vehicle…”

    We had to apply for an exemption from the emissions test in Indianapolis. To show how outdated the laws are, we have to do it all again next year!

    Richard Barnes
    739 N Montgomery St
    Gary, IN 46403
    (219) 938-7360