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Ford Flex to Arrive in Dealer Showrooms in Early 2008

Posted in Ford by will bee | July 9th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Ford Flex

Look for the Ford Flex to hit showrooms in early 2008, but if you are looking for the hybrid model you will have to wait a while longer. While the V6 engine with a minimum of 260 hp is reported to be in the works it seems Ford has more work yet to do in their hybrid technology. The Flex comes to the market as a new-age SUV with some retro-styling that is caped off with what is becoming a new trademark for Ford; the three chromed bars across the grill. While the production model will come with a more customary 4-door setup, the suicide door version showed above would certainly add some additional spice to this would-be Soccer-Mom bus.

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