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Ford Flex, Fusion Hybrid Win 2009 Ward’s Interior Of The Year

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While the rest of Detroit wallows in a financial nightmare, it seems like Ford has the golden touch. Adding to Ford’s ever-expanding list of accolades, the 2009 Ford Flex and the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid have been singled out by Ward’s AutoWorld magazine for superior design, making Ford the only brand to win multiple awards within that particular category. Lauded for its spacious interior and high-quality craftsmanship, the 2009 Ford Flex took home the Ward’s Best Interior award for the Premium-priced Truck category, with Ward’s editors heaping special praise on the Flex’s one-touch seat-folding system. “What impressed us most about the Flex are the ergonomics and the design team’s laser focus on comfort,” explained Ward’s executive editor Tom Murphy. “The third-row seats are just about as comfortable as the first- and second-row seats, and you can’t say that about many vehicles. The power folding function to allow easy access to the third row is a stroke of genius.”

Not to be forgotten, the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid also received its time in the spotlight, snagging the title of Best Graphics Display thanks to Ford’s new SmartGauge with EcoGuide digital instrument cluster. Designed to help drivers maximize fuel efficiency, the SmartGauge’s high-res, full-color LCD screens constantly update drivers on fuel and battery power levels as well as average and instant miles-per-gallon. “The Fusion Hybrid does a number of things well,” remarked Murphy, “but the instrument cluster in particular proves that vital information about vehicle performance can be communicated effectively. The driver can quickly grasp what is important, while still looking straight ahead.”

Honored to receive the recognition and careful to stress that the success is not a fluke but rather the result of a fervent dedication to quality, Ford Americas soon-to-be executive director of design Moray Callum said, “The interior is a major product differentiator, it’s where the emotional connection to a vehicle takes place; where the customer can see and feel the quality of the vehicle. The interiors of the Flex and Fusion Hybrid live up to Ford’s commitment to offer intuitive design, thoughtful amenities and unmatched comfort.”

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