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Ford Fights On, Posts Sizeable Sales Growth For 7th Straight Month

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With Ford now officially the last man standing in the ruins of Detroit, the Blue Oval is looking to expand their domination beyond the U.S. borders – and it looks like they’re succeeding. Today, Ford Canada released their sales statistics for the month of May, posting a mean growth average of 10%, including both Ford and Lincoln combined. Now enjoying their 7th consecutive month of market share increase, Ford can directly attribute their success to their decision to break from industry tradition and produce quality, impressively engineered vehicles. “Amid tough industry conditions, we continue to increase our market share,” explained Ford Canada president and CEO, David Mondragon,”These results are driven mostly by new customers coming in to drive our new products. In fact, nearly 50 per cent of sales come from new models, which is up 15 per cent from last year.”

By the numbers, Ford of Canda’s biggest asset by far has been their often underrated luxury line, Lincoln. In May 2009, Lincoln sales as a whole ballooned a total of 11% thanks to the outstanding sales performance of both the Lincoln MXK and, surprisingly enough, the Lincoln Navigator (which both achieved a 15% sales gain individually). On the Ford lot, sales of the Ford Escape rose 13% while Ford’s newest breakout hit in the States, the 2009 Ford F-150, grew a modest 9%. Most interesting of note: Ford’s smallest, most compact offering, the Ford Focus, brought up the rear of the party with a mere 3% growth – which directly defies the popular (ridicousl) notion that smaller = better.

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