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Ford Europe Delivers on their Promise with the Kuga Crossover

Posted in Ford by will bee | July 25th, 2007 | 1 Response |

Ford Europe Kuga

While not much is yet known of the new Ford Kuga it is obvious from the rendering above that this is no timid crossover. The Kuga is schedule to be set free from its production line confines in the Spring of 2008. By doing so John Fleming, the President and CEO of Ford Europe, will be delivering on a promise he made at the Paris auto show in 2006. At that time they were unveiling the Iosis X concept crossover and Mr. Fleming assured those in attendance that Ford would produce a production model of that car within 2 years. Way to follow-through.

John Fleming, president and ceo of Ford Europe

The name for the Kuga finds its lineage in the Mercury Cougar line. The Cougar sedan found its conclusion in 2002 and shares little in the way of heritage or design with the cat-eyed crossover it has spawned. If nothing else the Kuga really earns its nameplate with its cat-about-to-pounce stance and ears-pinned-back side molding. The Kuga gives the direct impression that it is not here to play nice.

The Kuga is part of a line of cars that Ford Europe is focusing its “kinetic design” esthetic’s upon. It joins the ranks of the new Mondeo, Focus and S-Max in bringing “visual excitement” to the “image conscious” consumer. And it is precisely that mode of thinking that seems to be slowly permeating through the malaise of previous automotive designs. Is it possible that we might be on the door-step of a modern golden age where design AND performance are at the forefront of the auto manufacturers minds (safety features presumed a given in this case… we hope).


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  1. Dee says:

    Why do the Europeans get all the cool cars before us? We can test new models over here.. I know just the spot.. bring it over my place.