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Ford Crown Victoria: Off-Roading in Utah?

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Crown Victoria Utah

This is Utah, a place of arid landscapes, little water and terrain that makes even the hardest 4×4’s run for cover . So why then, in the name of all that’s holy, is there a bone stock Ford Crown Victoria climbing up the side of a mountain in this desolate landscape? The answer… apparently this guy just wanted to do a little mountain biking and this is all he’s got. There is no four wheel drive, it’s at least thirteen years old and by the looks of it, isn’t even running off-road tires. Yet that hasn’t stopped its owner from climbing inclines the likes of which even Hummers won’t attempt. In theory I supposed what he’s doing isn’t too far fetched when you think about it. The rock surface, although smooth, has a fair amount of grip to it, and if you let some air out of the tires, I bet traction isn’t too bad. As for that automatic transmission, hell, I’m amazed it didn’t blow sky high…

Make sure to file this one under “DO NOT ATTEMPT!”

Source: Daily Debri via Autoblog

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