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Ford Offers Scrappage Perks For New Car Buyers, Benefits Heavily

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All-new Fiesta Zetec S (UK)

Ensuring that landfills 10 years in the future are teeming with rusted-out B3 bodies, Ford UK has set to work aggressively courting first-time car buyers with generous scrappage incentives. Supplementing the government’s already generous vehicle trade-in offers, Ford has slashed the sticker price on even its most popular models, reducing the Ford Fiesta from £9,995 to a mere £7,995, and their most popular model, the Ford Focus, from £13,995 to £9,995. Available exclusively to customers looking to ditch vehicles that are 10 years or older, Ford’s new scrappage scheme has caused a surge in sales, boosting their first-time buyer count by an impressive 3,000 orders.

Excited by the overwhelmingly positive response, Ford Britain managing director, Nigel Sharp remarked, “Ford is putting its full weight behind the UK vehicle scrappage scheme, which will not only boost sales but will also bring positive employment and environmental benefits too. Ford’s substantial backing of subsidised vehicle scrapping helps to secure the 100,000 auto industry jobs in the UK dependant on our company, dealerships and suppliers.”

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