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Ford axes the Focus RS MkII

Posted in Ford by davidallen | May 30th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

It was not that long when Ford Europe announced that it would be building a new RS model, to the fans of RS this was a dream come true, ever sine the 70’s when the first RS models came online with the RS Mexico and the RS 2000 there has been a fan base that has waited to see and buy the latest model, despite the Escort being replaced in name by the Focus the spirit of RS has always been alive.

ford rs

But now the dream appears to be over, Ford have decided that now is not the time to bring out a 300 bhp car, maybe it has something to do with the emissions thing that is grabbing the headlines or maybe there is something else that is holding them back, but whatever the reason, it is a very sad day for the fan of the RS.

The only thing that can offer a glimmer of hope is the fact that there is a Focus Mk III due to come out in 2010, could they be holding off until then? Maybe they feel that by bringing a RS version of the Focus Mk II is pointless for only a couple of years, could it be that we will be seeing the RS badge on the bodywork of the Focus Mk III?

ford rs

Whatever the case, there are growing concerns regarding cars that have a large bhp, some people want to see limitations to the amount of bhp available to a car, the point being that there is not much point in having a car with all that bhp, if you cannot use it, it is just a waste of fuel.

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