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Ford Announces for 2010: One Focus, One World

Posted in Design, Ford by will bee | February 11th, 2008 | 1 Response |

eurofordfocus.jpg picture by willfusion

Upon the release of the new North American (NA) Ford Focus there have been many industry writers complaining (or was it just me?) about the failure in its cosmetic design. Particularly when you compare the NA version of the Focus to the European Ford Focus that trumps it hands down. Well it seems as though all that complaining has reached its intended purpose, or else the decision is just part of Ford’s plan to reach global integration with their line-up and reduce costs… either way Ford President Alan Mulally has announced that the next Ford Focus in 2010 will be a global design. Thus, there will be one Focus for one world.

The only concern about the “One Focus, One World” ideation is which design team is going to be in charge of the next Ford Focus? We have seen what the North American design teams for the Ford Focus have produced and it is most unimpressive. Sure the added safety features and the Sync system are great, but there is no curbside appeal.

The best means for Ford to bring about a Global Focus for 2010 that is successful is to leave it in the hands of the more successful Focus designers and that would be those in their European branch. Expectation is that the new Focus will have much in common with the Ford Verve that is moving toward production in South America. The wide, open-mouthed grill of the Verve could become a signature for the small car group and will hopefully allow the (Euro) Focus to maintain its smidge of aggression… at least from the front.


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One Response

  1. Don says:

    Yes leave it to Ford Europe. Ford USA will stuff it up as they have done on so many occasions