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Ford Announces 2012 Boss 302 Mustang

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Ford Announces 2012 Boss 302 Mustang

We hinted at this earlier in the week, but Ford has made it official: they’ll be producing a limited edition Boss 302 Mustang as a 2012 model. Their goal with the new car was lofty: produce the best track Mustang ever, making the Boss 302 the ideal choice for driving enthusiasts who routinely participate in high performance driving events.

The return of the Boss 302. Photo: Ford

Starting with the motor, Ford’s engineers revised the intake tract, added hotter cams, revised the ECU software and added a unique exhaust. The Boss 302 has conventional exhaust pipes exiting from the rear, but also features sidepipes. Why? Because on the track, without noise restrictions, the rear exhaust can be blocked, leaving the sidepipes to function as open exhausts. The net result is 440 horsepower and 380 foot pounds of torque.

The Boss 302 gets an upgraded clutch, short throw shifter, retuned traction and stability control and revised steering. Stiffer springs and sway bars are used, and the shocks are five way adjustable from the top to dial in the ideal amount of damping for a particular track. Out back, the rear end features 3.73 gearing and is, of course, limited slip. Keeping true to form, even the Boss 302 makes do with a live axle.

Available colors will be orange (is there another choice for a Boss 302?), white, blue, red or yellow, and Boss Mustangs will come with a black or white roof. No information on pricing has been released yet, but rest assured that all of this go-fast goodness comes at a price. Since the Boss 302 will be built in limited quantities, expect full on dealer price gouging and collector hoarding. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, we’re ready, willing and able to wring it out on the track for you. To make sure it’s broken in properly, of course.

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