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The EarthRoamer XV-LT Ford 550: A Classic Tale Of The HUMMER And The Winnebago Who Loved Him

Posted in Ford, Hybrid Technologies, Recreational Vehicles, Road Trips, Solar Cars, Traffic, Travel, Trucks by Suzanne Denbow | September 9th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

Officially recognizing their brief foray into the compact car market as a major blunder, for 2009, Ford has reintroduced one of their most massive feats of engineering: the EarthRoamer XV-LT Ford 550. An all-terrain recreational vehicle that will make your pop-up camper wet its pants, the EarthRoamer XV-LT prides itself on being powerful enough to endure a rugged terrain while still providing [most] of the comforts of home. Contrary to what it suggests at first glance though, the EarthRoamer XV-LT is not another monstrous, testosterone-saturated gas guzzler.

Sitting on a Ford 550 Super Duty chassis with a turbo-diesel engine under the hood, the EarthRoamer XV-LT is extremely energy efficient as it relies largely on huge solar panels to generate energy for its massive marine batteries. Unlike most campers, the EarthRoamer XV-LT doesn’t rely on propane or an auxiliary generator to power the camper’s heat, hot water, or stove, relying instead on its 350-hp, 6.4L PowerStroke diesel engine. Equipped with a 5-speed Torqueshift automatic transmission, extended gear ratios ensure optimum performance, even when your towing a load [sounds dirty, but probably isn’t] at maximum 10,000 capacity.

Entirely self-contained, the EarthRoamer doesn’t have to rely on external hook-ups usually provided at RV sites either, freeing it up to camp pretty much anywhere. Surprisingly, the EarthRoamer XV-LT doesn’t sacrifice comfort for durability and features a luxurious California King size bed, perfect for using to join that mile high club after you scale the Lusten [snicker] Mountains.

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2 Responses

  1. Vince says:

    Earthroamer LLC is an independent company. It is not part of FoMoCo. Owners buy a standard F550 cab-chassis and have it delivered to Earthroamer for the build. The vehicle is also 4WD, which supports mile-high accomplishments in multiple locations. Otherwise, good description. :-)

  2. aaron says:

    its good to see earthroamer the company and vehicles standing strong… the vehicles are tough and ruggerd, I was part of the proto-type fiberglass construction with survival systems along with a few that were lucky to get to work with the project in with what makes Earth Roamer vehicles the leading in techno-off road sleepers today…